Bengaluru Theatre Ensemble


Here is the logo I designed for ‘Bengaluru Theatre Ensemble’. BTE is a group of young self-motivated theatre enthusiasts, who perform for the sheer joy of theatre.

The logo had to be simple, clear and modern. Be flexible, yet stable. This is exactly what I tried to achieve, making it easy to be applied on all media and materials. Blue was the colour the group identified itself with. For darker backgrounds, it’s just reverse.

The team did a pretty good job with it’s application.

Here are some promotions that the logo was applied on.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.13.07 am copy


BTE ticket


branding St. James’ Court

Print JC Applications 10.09.13 amenities


St. James’ Court is a Taj Hotel in London, which I got to work on the branding as well. Beautiful teal blue colour spoke of luxury, with hand drawn illustrations of the Fountain in the courtyard and Shakespearean Freeze, which is a part of the building.

packaging design

SONY DSC Danone Range

Here are some packaging design projects I worked on. One was for KOHINOOR ready to cook, Rice and Spice and the other being DANONE Lassi and Flavoured Yoghurt. I must say, as good and easy the products are to pick them from the shelf, there is an equally challenging process to push the product from the idea/design to the client to the consumer.

branding Taj Morocco



I got the opportunity to brand the beautiful TAJ PALACE MARRAKECH. Here are some collaterals designed for the palace. I wish I could visit the palace someday!

I worked on Brand Guidelines too. Here are some pages from the document.


Taj Marrakech Brand Book Taj Marrakech Brand Book4Taj Marrakech Brand Book5

taj Morocco

M1s M3sM2ss

Here are some hand painted illustrations I made a while ago for Taj Morocco. The colours and mosaic patterns were totally inspired from the place itself!

nav: nurture yourself

Nav Instruction Guide CTC-02


Nav was another interesting project I got to work on at Auroville. Nav, meaning new, is a easy kit to grow herbs and greens in your indoor space. What they do is give you a pot, along with seeds, to be nurtured indoors (near the window). A simple yet beautiful concept.

Above is the logo I designed for Nav. The logo would be screen printed on to the kit bags and embossed into the ceramic pots.

And the ‘how to use’ guide below.

INav Instruction Guide CTC-03 Nav

The Nav ceramic pots. Thanks to Martin for the image.


And Martin himself. In his beautiful kitchen garden.

Martin (king as I call him) is from Auroville Consulting, is the brain behind Nav and many more green projects. He has been my mentor for sustainable living.

the green rangers

AGP T-shirt-05 AGP tshirt F-10

The best thing one can ever do, quit your job and go to Aurvoille. And that’s exactly what I did few months ago. I stayed and worked in this beautiful paradise of sustainable living called Auroville.

In continuation with the work I had done earlier (2010), I designed these t-shirts for Auroville Green Practices. Link

The t-shirt is based on the five elements of Nature, as all people working there are real superheros, trying hard to save our planet.

back to the past


Here are some of the sketches I made during our recent trip to the past.

Amidst the ruins at Hampi, I just had one plan! Go back to the city > make a lot of money > buy/invent a time-machine > and travel back to the so called ‘Golden Ear’ of India.

Such intricacy, detailing and narratives, just brings the stones to life, like each has a story to tell.

Landscape2sBoarLion-s Motifs1-s Motifs2-s Motifs3-s

Little note with a bunch of flowers received from a friend made my day.


kyoorius sketch notes


“Great ideas cost nothing” Simon Sankarayya


Tan Yew Leong. Watch these ads


Serial Innovator; Susant Pattnaik


Joao Cardoso “Don’t Overdesign”


“A boring client does not exist. A difficult client exists.” Laura Jordan


Party Breaks!


“Design for people. Not for technology.” Margaret Stewart



The drawing at the top corner is done by Paul. Thank you Paul.

9 11 12

Moment factory;


“If I don’t believe my bullshit, no one else will.” Oliver Jeffers

The drawing at the bottom corner by Oliver. Thank you Oliver.

15 16

The design yatra was truly inspiring. A treasure of new stories and ideas.